Happy Anniversary BJ blog... Happy Midwives Week... End Shackling NOW!

Greetings in the spirit of Birth Justice!

Today marks the one year anniversary of the Birth Justice blog! It also National Midwives Week in the U.S. and Licensed Midwives Week in the state of Florida!

In this light, we are honoring the struggles of incarcerated women who labor and birth in chains. Who are not able to hold and breastfeed their babies because their bodies are locked down. Whose babies are robbed of their right to enter the world in peace. Whose human rights are being disregarded through state violence.

Please check out the article below from COLORLINES about the growing movement to end this dangerous and unjust shackling once and for all.

Stay tuned to the Birth Justice blog for more about anti-shackling work in Florida and beyond. Coming soon!

The Movement to Stop Prisons From Shackling Women in Labor Builds - COLORLINES


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