Report from the SE Summit

The ICTC Southeast Black Midwives and Healers Summit was amazing - everything from the southern hospitality at Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church to Erykah Badu learning to palpate to the elders from Mississippi sharing their birth stories. It was also inspiring to get some grounding in Reproductive Justice issues - including the intersection of birth rights and abortion rights. The personhood amendment is on the ballot in Mississippi, so we stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers there, working to keep the laws respecting our humanity. Our bodies, our lives! Special thanks to Sistersong for your work on this issue.

Mobile Midwife Co-Director and ICTC Florida State Representative, Jamarah Amani, was featured on the Brazen Women panel. She explored the Birth Justice framework and the role of birthworkers as community organizers. There were some blazing organizations present, including Birthing Project USA and Kindred Southern Healing Justice Collective.

Next year, in October 2012, the ICTC Black Midwives and Healers Conference will be held in Miami, FL. Mark your calendars - what an exciting event it will be!